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Blog - May 2017

Want to Be More Mindful? Try This Wonderful Meditation!

Celebrating Meditation Month of May!

Jon Kabat-Zinn's Body Scan Meditation - a great way to become more present and enhance your overall general well being – and very much worth the 45 minute time commitment! Click here for more information

Meditating with a Sense of Humor

Celebrating Meditation Month of May!

Meditation by Kyle Cease

Celebrating Meditation Month of May!

Each day that I don't meditate....
I experience the same problems that I had yesterday.
I feel more addictive.
I'm on Facebook more.
I need things outside of me to be different.
I don't create anything exciting.
I feel anxious.
I create goals and look into the future as a way to escape pain.
I run out of time more easily.
I see the bad in average situations.

Each day that I do meditate...
I move through and beyond almost every emotional issue I have.
I feel connection and freedom simultaneously.
I lose addictions.
I'm not triggered by others.
I have an idea that might really impact the world.
I don't take on anything I don't want to do.
I have no problem saying no.
Life gets really effortless.
I am the goal and life matches me.
My body is healthier.
I sleep really well.
I have way more time.
More becomes accomplished with much less effort.
I see the good in everything.

Celebrating Meditation Month of May!

Any time you can go out and keep all of your visual and auditory senses alive—looking above eye level, hearing behind you as well as in front of you—you’re performing meditation in the natural world. You’re poised for any stimulus coming from anywhere. It’s as down-to-earth as you can get and still be up in the sky.

                                                                                                          –James H. Austin