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Blog - April 2017

Show Up as Your Best Self: How to Develop a Thicker Skin!

Recently I coached an executive on how to engage with a senior board member who was known for being rude, verbally abrasive, and overly critical. In particular, my client was concerned about an upcoming board meeting in which he was presenting because this aggressive individual would be attending.

We discussed how a plan of action that included a positive mindset, preparation, and a shift in behavior could go a long way in helping my client show up as his best self.

Here’s what we came up with:

Be prepared: Take the time to prepare yourself for a difficult meeting.  Think through a worst case scenario, explore different strategies for responding, choose one or two, and write it out so you know that it’s there. This will help you be more proactive (versus reactive) in how you engage and show up for this particular situation. By simply preparing for a potentially confrontational conversation, you will be able to remain more confident, grounded, and calm.

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