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Blog - March 2016

Do You Hide Behind Email?

“Too often we take the easy and often cowardly option of using email or text
messaging to avoid the emotional discomfort of a real time conversation.”
– Forbes Magazine, Margie Warrell

A client recently shared he missed a team meeting and received a scathing email from his colleague. Admittedly he was overwhelmed with budget planning, performance reviews, and hiring new team members – but none the less, an honest mistake – something he had never done before. The email was direct and accusatory, catching him off guard and as a result he became triggered – heart pounding, mind racing, and distracted for the rest of the day.

Another executive was berated in an email which was cc’d to the rest of her team. As it turned out the mistake wasn’t even hers. She confronted the sender, he apologized, and sent a revised email to her team.

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