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Blog - July 2015

Listen to Your Inner Voice Not Your Voice Mail

"Nobody can get into the heart of your experience and fix anything for you. If you want to make your own internal experience more hospitable, only you can do that work. Others can always support and guide you and spark insights, but ultimately you are your own boss ...." – Ethan Nichtern

Being a leader involves cultivating a "mindfulness" practice that includes finding time to slow down, tune in, and renew. Listed below are daily practices that executives have shared with me to help them be more mindful and show up grounded and calm, especially during difficult situations.

  • For 5-20 minutes, sit quietly each morning (or meditate). Set your intention for the day.
  • Before a meeting, conversation, or presentation, take a few minutes and write down your intention for that situation (e.g., to listen, remain calm, collaborate, ask good questions, etc.).

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