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Blog - August 2013

How to Have a Healthy Mind: Great Article!

David Rock and Dan Siegel share their perspective on how to live a more balanced life via The Healthy Mind Platter, for Optimal Brain Matter. That is how to step into a more mindful way of being and away from the sometimes overwhelming aspects of life -  including information overload, multi-tasking, and fragmented attention.

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Ouch! What to Do When Feedback Comes from the Cesspool of Humanity

As professionals, most of us are open to feedback. We know it's one of the ways to learn how others perceive us and with that information, how can might adapt and grow. But what happens when you hear feedback that is not helpful? As a coach and facilitator, like many of my executive clients, I've experienced the helpful, constructive feedback and unfortunately, from time to time, the mean spirited, ouch that hurts, and isn't going to help me be a better person feedback. What to do? Hear Brene Brown's advice .... it's short, sweet, and right on the money.

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The Happiness Formula: How to Increase Your Happiness

"The Most Important Things in Life ... Aren't Things."

            H  =  S  +  C  +  V    


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Creativity: Are You Vulnerable Enough to Take the Risk To Fail?

Brene Brown and Oprah discuss courage, the ability to share your whole story, the ego, Brown refers to as the "hustler," and living in a scarcity cutlure - the feeling that I'm not good enough, rich enough, safe enough, liked enough, promoted enough - and ultimately, I am not enough. They end their discussion by saying that in order to create and innovate, we must be open enough to take the risk to fail.

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How to Not Take It Personally

“Observation without evaluation is the highest form of intelligence.”
- J. Krishnamurti  1895-1986, Awarded 1984 UN Peace Medal

Do you ever find yourself feeling hurt by something someone said to you? Well, if it makes you feel any better, you’re not alone. This is an issue that many of us, including myself struggle with and in recent months, executive clients have brought this concern to their coaching sessions. 

Is it possible to take things less personally? Yes, it is.

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Managing Your Lizard Brain: How to STOP Your Triggers!

You’re sitting quietly at your desk, when your boss walks to share something unpleasant….or you just had an argument with a loved one and they end the conversation by saying something mean and walking out the door…

What do you do? You’re about to or have already gone into fight, flight or freeze mode. How do you help manage your lizard brain as it signals a release of cortisone and adrenalize into your system? While there is no saber tooth tiger to run from, our lizard brain is reacting like that stressful phone call is the tiger and we are in danger.

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