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Blog - 2013

How to Manage the Difficult People in Your Life Who Are Not Going Away!

Feeling triggered whenever you deal with a particular difficult person who is part of your life, that is, they are not going away – you work with them or you are related to them and there's no getting around it, you have to interact with them. You are stuck with them and they are stuck with you!

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Searching for Hope and Gratitude in the Darkest of Places

Recently I read a book that has put a whole new perspective on what it means to have gratitude and keep hope alive. I often find myself thinking about Amanda - what she endured and how she learned to forgive.

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Now Here or No Where?

“An operational working definition of mindfulness is the awareness that emerges through paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally to the unfolding of experience moment by moment.”

- Jon Kabat-Zinn

Lost keys, a quickly consumed bag of chips or a conversation that gets the better of us…we all struggle to remain present to the moment at hand. In a frantic and multi-tasking world, it’s often a challenge to be mindful and focus on one thing at a time.  When the phone rings - what do you do? Recently, a colleague suggested letting my phone ring one time, taking a deep breath, and then picking it up. Simple concept not easy to do but the impact of being mindful versus reactive could make a big difference.

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“Expect Nothing; Be Grateful for Everything”

Recently I came across this quote and it resonated with me. This quote reminds me to manage my expectations, let go of my attachment to how other people behave and show up, and turn towards gratitude. What does this quote mean to you? Shoot me an email and share your thoughts!

Our Little Green Monster

"Over the summer, our ten year old daughter Gabby took a local theatre class. As part of her evening ritual of trying to avoid bedtime, she proceeded to (finally) talk about what happened during her day at camp. Gabby had been excited about the prospect of acting ("I want to be on TV!") and that morning had shared her desire to try out for the main part in "Frankenstone." That night she told me, "Mom, I didn't get the main part in Frankenstone." I asked her how she felt about that. "Oh, I decided it was okay because it allowed me to learn all the other parts in in the play."  I was a little surprised and impressed by her ability to remain positive, so I asked her how she did this and she replied, "Oh that's easy, I ignored my little green monster! You know the little voice in my head that told me I should be angry and give up?"

We all have a "little green monster," that is the voice in our head that tells us "we're not smart enough, capable enough, thin enough - that is - simply just not good enough."

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Bob Parson’s 16 Rules for Success

A friend just emailed me these top 16 rules to success written by Bob Parsons, Founder of GoDaddy.

My favorites are #1: get and stay out of your comfort zone, #3: when you're ready to quit, you're closer than you think, #6: take things a day at a time, #15: don't take yourself too seriously, and #16: there's always a reason to smile. Would love to hear from you - shoot me an email - with which rules resonate with you and some "rules of your own." 

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“Fake It to You Become It!”

Have an important job interview coming up? About to deliver a big presentation to the board? What are your non-verbals saying about you?

Do you have a confident, comfortable, authentic "presence" or are you "stress reactive?" In this TED talk, Amy Cuddy talks about how our thoughts, feelings, and physiology are directly influenced by our non-verbals. Take on a power pose and change your life in a meaningful way!

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How to Have a Healthy Mind: Great Article!

David Rock and Dan Siegel share their perspective on how to live a more balanced life via The Healthy Mind Platter, for Optimal Brain Matter. That is how to step into a more mindful way of being and away from the sometimes overwhelming aspects of life -  including information overload, multi-tasking, and fragmented attention.

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