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How to Effectively Manage Conflict

When was the last time someone really made you angry? And even though you’re clear about why you’re right, and they’re wrong, and your closet allies, including your mom and best friend agree with you, there’s one small obstacle, you still need to work with that person (albeit with better boundaries).

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To Thine Own Voice Be True

Back in the 90’s when I was single, dating and living in New York City a friend shared her concern for me because I was not following the formula prescribed in “The Rules: Time-Tested Secrets for Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right.” In fact, according to her, I was breaking the rules…and therefore guaranteed to remain a single women living in NYC for the rest of my years.

23 years later as a wife, mother and executive development consultant, I still find myself seeking out my own way as well as encouraging my clients (and kids!) to find their own voice and resist the so called “experts” and their formulas.

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The Gift of Listening

“Maybe there’s a reason God gave us two ears, and one mouth.”

I think of listening as first desire and then as an ability to turn off our internal dialogue so we are present and focused on what the other person is trying to communicate. Not always a simple task.

In the age of social media facebook and twitter “shouting contests,” truly listening to someone can be a tremendous a gift, to both the speaker and listener.

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Shoes, Happiness and Trust

Recently I bought shoes on After wearing them for a day, I felt disappointed. So I called Zappos to “share my story,” that is that I bought a pair of shoes, spent more than I normally would, wore them for a day, and that they weren’t comfortable. The customer service rep said, “I’m sorry but we don’t take back worn shoes but would you mind holding for a minute?” When she returned, she explained that based on my history of being a good customer she would provide me with a full refund. Wow, she had me hooked, I was curious.

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