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The beauty of meditation is that it helps you unlock your potential to feel present, grounded, and compassionate from within rather than being dependent on outside stimuli. Meditation also enables you to gain more control over where you put your attention, instead of reacting to the moment.

While the term “mindfulness” has become somewhat trendy, meditating is an ancient ritual dating back five thousand years. Ancient people used meditation as a form of spiritual practice that enabled them to connect to their divine energy. In today’s world where things move at the speed of light, connecting to your own energy can be as simple as sitting still in a quiet place for five minutes and focusing on your breath. In fact, numerous research studies have shown that a regular meditation practice will lead to a positive impact on the body.

Based on my work with clients, the benefits of meditation include the following:
• A greater sense of self-awareness and awareness of the environment around you
• A calmer, more grounded presence
• Improved ability to regulate emotions, navigate difficult situations, & manage conflict
• Gains in creativity and innovative thinking
• Deeper active listening skills (being more present and patient)
• More compassion toward others and less critical of oneself
• Improved concentration and clarity of focus
• Enhanced perspective (the ability to see different sides and points of view)
• Stronger, richer, and more fulfilling relationships

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